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When should I update my will in NYC?

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is very important to ensure control over an uncertain future. Of course, when drafting a will, it is written based on the individual’s current circumstances, relationship, and estate. With that said, life changes and it is impossible to predict the future of relationships or the estate. It is essential to […]

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Calculating Spousal Maintenance in New York

When a couple gets divorced, one of the factors that they may have to address is spousal maintenance, which is also referred to as alimony. Often, couples are at odds with each other regarding spousal maintenance because one spouse may feel as though they deserve support while the other may believe that they should not […]

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Equitable Distribution in New York

When a married couple in New York feels as though their marriage is no longer working, they may start the divorce process. One of the major aspects of any divorce is the issue of dividing marital assets between the two spouses as they part ways. Often, a couple getting divorced disagrees on how assets should […]

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How is child custody determined in NYC?

When parents in New York get divorced, they will have to face the emotional reality of determining a child custody arrangement. This is often a very difficult agreement for parents to come to, as the mere idea of spending less time with one’s child can be devastating. When parents cannot make a decision on child […]

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Why is a Will Important?

A will may be the single most important document of the estate planning process. A will is called a testamentary document. It functions to declare your wishes for your estate. Simply put, it lets you leave assets and other important possessions to the people that deserve them. Passing without a will is called “intestate.” When […]

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Getting to Know Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are not romantic. However, they can be quite beneficial, depending on the situation. Before you exchange your vows, it is important to consider assets that need to be protected. For many, taking this step is a relief. For some, setting aside much of the uncertainty allows a couple to focus on the important […]

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