High Net Worth Divorce in NYC? What to Know

A divorce can be a difficult and emotional journey. It is no secret that financials play a major role in the divorce process. No matter the relationship, couples will need to figure out how to divide their assets. Sometimes, this is a fairly simple procedure. But, the more assets a couple has, the more complicated […]

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What are Grounds for Divorce in New York?

Couples find themselves in a situation of divorce for a variety of reasons that can be different from another couple. This is one of the many reasons that not all divorce cases are the same. To begin the process of divorce, spouses are required to tell the court their reason for wanting a divorce. This […]

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How Can I Financially Prepare for a Divorce in New York?

At the beginning of a marriage, most couples never expect to find themselves in a situation of divorce in the future. It is because of this that going through a divorce is usually an overwhelming and difficult process for two spouses. This is not only emotionally, but financially as well. There are many costs that […]

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