What to Know about Contesting a Will in New York

If you are looking to contest a will in New York, continue reading and reach out to our experienced estate planning attorney for assistance. Who can contest a will in New York? Contesting a will occurs when an individual challenges the validity of a will. In New York, only certain individuals can challenge the probate […]

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What Can a Power of Attorney Do & What Are the Different Types?

There are many different types of powers of attorney in New York. To learn what a power of attorney can do and the different types of powers of attorney available in New York, continue reading. If you require the assistance of an attorney for any estate planning needs, give our experienced firm a call today […]

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Initial Consultation With a New York Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning can feel overwhelming. It is difficult to think about the future, let alone make detailed plans for it. Working with the right attorney can make the process much easier. A skilled attorney can help alleviate your estate planning anxiety by answering any questions you may have and walking you through the process every […]

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What to Know About Trusts in New York

When it comes to estate planning, there are a number of important documents you may need to create. One way to handle your assets is through a trust. Read on to learn more about trusts and the different types available in New York. Who is Involved in a Trust? Simply put, a trust is an […]

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What Do I Need to Know About Writing a Will in New York?

People create an estate plan in order to protect the future of their assets. There are many different ways that this can be done, one of which is by writing a will. A will is a document that allows a person to have a clear and descriptive outline for what they with to happen to […]

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What Types of Trusts Can be Created in New York?

In New York, there are different ways a person can set up their estate plan in order to protect the future of their assets. This can vary depending on what the individual wants from their estate plan. One way this can be done is with the creation of a trust. During this time, it is […]

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