It is an exciting time in a person’s or a couple’s life when they are able to buy a home. This is a big commitment, as they will most likely be living there for a long time. It is because of this that it is crucial to ensure everything is in place before taking the final steps and sealing the deal. One of these last steps is to hire a qualified home inspector. This allows the buyer to take a final walkthrough or inspection of the home before agreeing to purchase it. With this, they are able to ensure that nothing has changed since the initial home inspection and that all terms that were negotiated have been settled. During this time, it is important to be aware of a variety of things. Continue reading below and reach out to an experienced New York real estate attorney for guidance during this time. 

Floorboards and Carpets

During a final inspection, look for any creaky or loose floorboards. This can also include any lumps in carpeting that can cause issues with the house later on. It is always best to fix these issues head-on instead of after the home is already purchased.

Test Water Quality

A good home inspector should also test the quality of the water in the house. This can include checking faucets, showers, drainage, and more. Testing every single water source ensures that there are no possible leaks that can be found later on.

Check all Appliances

In some real estate purchases, a seller will include certain appliances such as stovetops, refrigerators, and more. It is important that they are up-to-date and ready for the buyer to use when they move in. If they are not, it should be pointed out so they can be fixed before the deal is final. 

Check for Missing Property

If a buyer and seller have negotiated for certain appliances of personal property to be included in the deal, it is important to make sure they are there. Sometimes, the seller may forget or take the item themselves. All negotiated terms should be set before a deal is closed.

Look for Abandoned Items

In some cases, a homeowner may leave behind various items such as tools, paint, and more, instead of throwing it out themselves. This is a burden that a buyer should not have to deal with, so it is important for them to point out anything else they wish to go. 

Make Sure all Negotiated Repairs are Addressed

If a homeowner agrees to fix or repair any issues that were previously addressed during another inspection, it is important that these deals were upheld and all necessary repairs were made before finalizing the agreement. 

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