Zimmet Law Group, P.C.

Zimmet Law Group, P.C. is a general practice law firm in midtown Manhattan.

We are committed to achieving excellence in the representation of our clients by providing a spectrum of legal services to both individuals and corporate clients. The firm's overriding goal is to surpass client expectations by providing the best legal service available in the most cost-effective manner.

Our areas of practice include the following:

Our goal is to achieve our client's objective in a responsive and targeted manner. We find creative solutions and produce results for clients facing difficult circumstances and work alongside our clients to achieve their objectives by integrating a unique combination of our skills as innovative problem solvers, skilled negotiators and experienced litigators.

We treat our clients with respect and understanding and have built a reputation for honest, straight forward and aggressive representation when needed.

Whether your legal matter, either personal or business, can be solved through negotiation or requires the talents of our skilled litigators, we can help.

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