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Residential Lending

At Zimmet Law Group PC, we understand that navigating the complexities of residential lending can be overwhelming. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, refinancing your existing loan, or seeking a loan modification, our experienced team of attorneys is here to guide you through the process and protect your interests. With our extensive knowledge and personalized approach, we strive to make your residential lending experience smooth and successful. Our team provides services in the following areas:

Purchase Financing: When it comes to purchasing a new home, securing the right financing is crucial. Our skilled attorneys will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and financial goals, helping you explore various loan options and find the perfect solution that aligns with your budget.

Purchase CEMA (Consolidation, Extension, and Modification Agreement): A Purchase CEMA can provide substantial cost savings when you are purchasing a property in New York and refinancing an existing mortgage simultaneously. Our legal team has extensive experience handling Purchase CEMAs and will guide you through the process with precision and efficiency.

Refinancing: Refinancing your mortgage can help you secure a more favorable interest rate, reduce monthly payments, or access your home equity for other financial needs. Our attorneys specialize in refinancing transactions and will analyze your current mortgage terms to determine if refinancing is the right option for you.

Loan Modification: If you are experiencing financial hardships and struggling to make your mortgage payments, a loan modification can provide relief and help you avoid foreclosure. Our compassionate team of attorneys is well-versed in loan modification strategies and will advocate on your behalf with lenders to negotiate modifications that align with your financial capabilities.

If you would like to have a consultation with one of our real estate attorneys, please call us at (212) 922-1330 or fill out our Contact Us form.

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