Prenuptial agreements are not romantic. However, they can be quite beneficial, depending on the situation. Before you exchange your vows, it is important to consider assets that need to be protected. For many, taking this step is a relief. For some, setting aside much of the uncertainty allows a couple to focus on the important things of a budding relationship. Below are some of the reason you should consider getting a prenuptial agreement:

  • Significant financial matters are addressed
  • Family ties and inheritances are preserved
  • When previous children exist, their financial well-being can be protected
  • Assets acquired before the marriage can be protected
  • Financial expectations of both parties are laid out before the wedding

There are some cons, but the best couples can work through these differences quite easily. For one, prenuptial agreements come with a certain stigma. Prenuptials can produce friction in the relationship because people think that it shows a lack of trust and could create resentment. With the right mindset, a couple can document their wishes and enjoy a life together.

I was already married and I don’t have a prenuptial

If you are already married and wish to have a prenuptial agreement in place, you still have options. You and your spouse can create a postnuptial agreement that functions in the same way and can cover the same issues. The downside is, convincing your spouse to sign it.

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