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Zimmet Law Group, P.C. is honored to partner with MetLife Legal Plans, in order to provide quality legal services at affordable rates while maintaining the high degree of customer service clients deserve. The attorneys and support staff at Zimmet Law Group, P.C. are ready to serve members of MetLife Legal Plans in New York City and throughout the state regarding legal issues including Family law, estate planning & administration, and real estate matters. If you need our help, we are ready.

What is MetLife Legal Plans?

MetLife Legal Plans serves over 3 million customers at more than 2,000 organizations. As the country’s largest provider of legal voluntary benefits and with a network of thousands of attorneys, MetLife Legal Plans is committed to providing the quality care members deserve. MetLife Legal Plans has decades of experience offering employee legal services to clients that meet and exceed their expectations.

The benefits of a group legal plan?

Group legal plans are becoming more and more popular by the day. Providing employees with the means to tap a network of attorneys is good for business. One’s employee is more productive when personal legal issues are handled efficiently. MetLife Legal Plans provides an organization’s employees legal services that maintain productivity by helping them choose the right attorney in less time, resolve their legal matter more quickly, and minimizing the need to take off for a legal issue.

Zimmet Law Group Legal Services

Zimmet Law Group is an experienced and effective team of attorneys serving MetLife Legal Plans members across New York. Our firm’s experience in a wide range of legal matters provides clients with quality legal support that taps the talents of our group and allows us to celebrate an esteemed reputation within the network and across Manhattan.

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