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When a couple makes the decision to get divorced, they may want to start the new chapter of their separate lives as soon as possible. Many couples want to have an amicable divorce in an effort to make the process as painless as it can be, given the circumstances. Couples who strive to have an amicable divorce may want to consider mediation, as it allows the couple to use communication to resolve contested matters and avoid the courtroom. In the mediation process, the couple can come to terms on matters such as child support, property distribution, child custody, spousal maintenance, and more. Mediation allows the couple to save time and money, quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of divorce. If you require the services of an effective divorce mediator, contact Zimmet Law Group, P.C. today.

How do mediated divorces work?

Mediation is one of many forms of alternative dispute resolution. The driving force behind mediation is to encourage the couple to draw from their respect for one another and use the communication skills that developed throughout the course of the marriage to negotiate a divorce agreement that is fair for both parties. The couple will use a neutral mediator that acts as a third party to facilitate productive conversation aimed towards resolving contested matters. When a couple is willing to work together, the process can go quickly in comparison with litigated divorces. Many people appreciate that they do not have to work around the court’s schedule and can take complete control of their divorce. After all outstanding matters are resolved, the mediator will create a separation agreement that each party may want to review with their respective divorce attorney. After the agreement is reviewed, it can be filed with the court and the judge can pass down a Final Judgment of Divorce, which effectively finalizes the divorce.

What are the benefits of a mediated divorce?

Mediated divorces have a lot of benefits, making this method of divorce increasingly popular. In many cases, courts may even recommend that a couple goes through mediation first and only litigates outstanding matters when this option is unsuccessful.

Control: Mediation allows a couple to truly take control over their divorce and the new phase of their separate lives. Instead of having a judge make decisions on the couple’s behalf using impersonal guidelines created by the state, they will be able to take these decisions into their own hands.

Communication: The couple can use mediation to ensure that communication will be constructive, as it is only permitted during each session. Mediation allows each party to state their true feelings about the unresolved matters in a safe space, which may actually result in a better relationship after the divorce than the couple had towards the end of their marriage.

Efficiency: In a lot of cases, mediation can take less time than litigated divorces. Many mediated divorces can be wrapped up in just a few sessions as opposed to waiting months or even a year. In addition, mediated divorces do not have a time limit so if the couple does need to take longer to resolve issues, they can do so without pressure from the court.

Cost-Effective: Mediated divorces allow the couple to avoid court fees and not have to pay as many attorney fees, as the divorce usually takes less time than litigated divorces. Many couples find that they save significant amounts of money by opting for mediation.

Positive Resolution: Due to the fact that the couple has to put differences aside and work together to resolve issues, they may find that their relationship is healthier at the end of the divorce than it was during the time leading up to a divorce.

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