Linda Brown

Of Counsel

Admitted to Practice

New York, Connecticut


Estate and Business Planning, Wills, Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, and Powers of Attorney


During her many years in practice, Linda has drafted the estate planning documents for a wide range of people. She has deftly handled cases including but not limited to: complex familial connections with second and third marriages, foreign spouses, controlling spouses or irresponsible children attempting to dissipate assets, and even special needs beneficiaries requiring special trusts to be able to keep their federal and state benefit coverage and still receive extra goods and services. This breadth of knowledge and experience has given Linda the ability to carefully tailor each client’s estate plan to the specifics of that individual.

Linda has also appeared in the Surrogate’s Courts to represent the named or proposed fiduciaries.  She has assisted in the identification and valuation of the decedent’s assets as well as in ensuring that the surviving spouse receives the maximum amount to which he or she is entitled.  In addition, she has prepared the federal and state estate and gift tax returns and has negotiated with the tax authorities to resolve trust and estate matters.

Linda has contributed articles to a monthly publication “Insights and Strategies” dealing with various trust and estate and tax matters.  She wrote many sections of a two volume book, published by West, on estate and gift taxes.  The state bars have sponsored courses to keep attorneys up to date.  Linda has been a presenter and contributed to the manuals published for these courses.


Linda received a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree from Syracuse University, with majors in English literature and French.  Some of her studies were in Lausanne, Switzerland and in Poitiers, France.


Legal advice and counsel in a variety of areas including Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

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