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Purchase & Sale

Are you planning the purchase or sale of a residential property? Real estate transactions involve many complex processes, legal documents and negotiations. It is crucial to have an attorney who understands the intricacies of the law and can ensure that your interests are protected. The experienced team of attorneys at Zimmet Law Group P.C. can help you navigate the complex legal process of real estate transactions and ensure that your interests are protected. We are committed to streamlining and simplifying the real estate transaction process. We will be by your side, holding your hand through each step, from drafting your initial purchase or sale contract right through to representing you at closing. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing buyers, sellers, and lenders and we understand the ins and outs of the New York real estate market and the laws that govern it.

Our real estate purchase and sale services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts of sales
  • Reviewing title reports and lien searches
  • Reviewing financing documentations
  • Due diligence review of offering plans, financial statements, board minutes and due diligence questionnaire
  • Dispute resolution
  • Closing representation

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