Throughout New York city, tenants rent apartments and office spaces from landlords. When this transaction occurs, tenants and landlords enter into an agreement. This agreement is made to ensure that each party is getting what they deserve. The tenant needs to pay the proper bills to maintain ownership of the space for a certain period of time. The landlord must continue to monitor the situation to be aware of the living conditions that their tenants are faced with. When landlords and tenants do not agree on something, it can disrupt the livelihood of both parties. Tenants may become dissatisfied with their living environment or landlords may argue that tenants are causing damage to the premises. Whatever seems to occur, you are in good hands when you turn to our firm for legal advice. We can help guide you to the resolution you want to achieve.

What causes disputes between landlords and tenants?

Since each landlord-tenant agreement is different, we have seen many different cases involving both parties. We have worked to protect the rights of our clients in a variety of cases. These legal matters have included succession rights, eviction proceedings and protections, lease terminations and renewals disputes, unhealthy living conditions, blacklisting of tenants, overcharge violations, subletting rights and appealing an adverse decision.

With all of these cases, it was important to consider the rights of the tenant and the landlord. While the tenant must respect the property being rented to them, the landlord must respect the rights of the tenant to carry on without disruptions.

Does this only include tenants or landlords of a residential property?

Our firm has worked with clients involved in landlord-tenant disputes across a variety of different property owners and renters. This has included residential tenants, builders, contractors, commercial property owners, multifamily residential property owners, retail shop owners, religious entities and small business owners. The range of our experiences has allowed us to gain more skill when handling these cases.

If you are facing problems with your landlord or if you are a landlord that is having issues with your tenant, give us a call. Our services can better equip you to handle the situation that you are faced with. Property disputes can cause stress and we want to help alleviate some of that stress.

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