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Going through a divorce is a complicated and emotional time in a person’s life. It is because of this that they usually wish to keep these matters private, especially if their divorce is a high profile or high net worth matter. When going through these situations, there are a variety of ways that spouses can keep their divorce intimate and protect the details from becoming public knowledge. Continue reading to learn more and retain the services of a New York divorce attorney for assistance during this time.

Use out of Court Methods

When spouses can come to agreements regarding their marital issues with one another during a divorce, they can do so outside of a courtroom. This can be done through alternative divorce methods such as mediation, collaboration, or arbitration. These allow spouses to work together with the assistance of others, such as a third party or attorney, to make their arrangements. Once they are done, formal divorce paperwork can be filed to be approved by the court. This allows the process to be completed as quickly and quietly as possible, allowing spouses the best chance at privacy due to the fact that privately agreed upon terms do not become public record. 

Put Temporary Agreements in Place

Spouses who are beginning their divorce can benefit from creating temporary agreements with one another before the proceedings may begin. This can be accomplished with the assistance of their attorneys so that both parties can protect their best interests by abiding by these agreements throughout the duration of their divorce. For example, some spouses may choose to freeze their marital assets or establish temporary custody arrangements until final decisions are made. 

Use Your Prenup

When spouses sign a prenuptial agreement, also known as a prenup, they can determine how they wish their marital assets to be divided in the event that they go through a divorce in the future. This document is signed before the marriage is official. It can be extremely helpful when spouses want to maintain their privacy, as their plan for the future is already in place. This saves time and resources that would have been used trying to work out the details over an extended period of time. In addition to this, prenups can sometimes include privacy clauses that ensure neither spouse speaks of their divorce.

Consider Grounds for Divorce When Filing

When a divorce begins, spouses must cite grounds for their divorce, stating the reasoning why their marriage is ending. This can include fault or no-fault grounds. Spouses who want to keep their divorce private may wish to consider these options carefully, as the grounds for a divorce can become public record. It may cause less trouble in the long rug to cite no-fault grounds for irreconcilable differences instead of citing fault grounds for reasons of abuse, abandonment, adultery, etc. 

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