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Dealings over child custody can be a scary time for parents. They do not want to lose the ability to spend time with their child. During these cases, some spouses can get into heated discussions due to the nature of their divorce. Some spouses may put in their best effort to win total custody of their child, barring access by the other parent. During this time, it is important to remain calm. Call our firm for a consultation and our professional attorneys are able to help you. We understand the importance of family and want to help you keep that special relationship with your child.

How is custody broken up?

The two main kinds of child custody are physical custody and legal custody. Each one controls different aspects of the child’s life and relates to them differently. However, both can have a big impact on the relationship between parent and child. Physical custody decides where the child will spend more time living per week. This parent will then be known as the custodial parent, which will give them more time with their child on a weekly basis since the child will reside with them most of the time. The other party may still have consistent access to the child and nights of their own where the child can stay with them in their home. This depends on the individual case and how the judge decided the custody would be broken up.

Legal custody allows parents the authority to make important decisions in a child’s life. These decisions can be related to matters of health, education, religion and general welfare of the child. Although a parent may lose physical custody, they can still be able to obtain legal custody. As legal professionals, we strongly urge you to fight for legal custody even if physical custody is not in your favor. If you need help building a case, contact us for further advisement.

What factors influence child custody arrangements?

When cases are brought to court regarding child custody, the judge will make a final decision on the custody arrangement. The judge takes all factors into consideration in order to act upon the best interests of the child. Some factors that influence their decision are each party’s ability to provide for the child, each party’s relationship with the child, each party’s history of domestic violence and abuse, each party’s mental and physical health, any history of alcohol and drug abuse, each party’s work schedule and lifestyle, child’s age and health and the child’s preference

Since these cases can cause emotions to run high, you should acquire the help of a trustworthy attorney. At our firm, we work with you to make sure we can fight for your desires. We want to enable the relationship between you and your child by ensuring the best possible outcome. Contact us if you need help with child custody matters.

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