Every parent wants to spend time with their children, especially during the holidays. However, in the event that parents are divorced, it can make these matters much more difficult. When parents have a custody agreement, it usually includes which of them spends certain holidays with their child. This can include major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. For some parents, this may include Halloween. Continue reading below to learn more about how this holiday can be shared.

Tips for Sharing Custody on Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year, especially for children. Parents usually want to experience their child dressed up in costume, trick-or-treating throughout their neighborhood. However, this may not be possible for parents to pull off every year. If two parents are unable to reach an agreement regarding who takes their child trick-or-treating, it is important to know that there are ways to work out a situation that allows them to make the most out of the holiday. While this may not always include getting what you want, it can include:

  • Share the night. If possible, parents can work out a plan that allows them to both take their child trick-or-treating. This may be by splitting up the night into shifts or putting aside their differences for one night to spend a few hours together with their child.  
  • Other Halloween events. The holiday of Halloween has become more than just one day over the years. It has turned into its own season. There are often many parties and activities leading up to this day for families to take part in. Parents who do not have the night of Halloween with their kids can still take to a pumpkin patch, fall fair, or early trick-or-treating event during the time they do have.
  • Alternate years. It is not always possible for all parents in New York to split the night of Halloween with their former spouse. Instead, some co-parents may be able to switch on and off alternate years to allow each other the opportunity to experience the holiday with their child. 
  • Adult parties. Halloween is not only a holiday for children. Many adults participate in their own festivities in costume as well. During this time, it is important to be aware and careful of your actions so your behavior cannot potentially damage a custody agreement.

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