As a person’s life goes on, they acquire a number of assets that should be cared for. This can be done by creating an estate plan that allows them to protect the future of these belongings in the event of their death. When creating this plan, it can be beneficial to reach out to an experienced estate planning attorney for assistance. Continue reading below to learn more about what can be expected during the first meeting with an attorney.

Should I Create an Estate Plan Myself?

There are ways an estate plan can be created by a person on their own. Having any sense of an estate plan is better than having nothing at all. While this is true, estate plans can be complicated. What works for one person does not always work for another. It is because of this that it is best to have the assistance of an estate planning attorney. They can guide you through the process to ensure your wishes are met and it includes everything you need. 

Does My Spouse Need to Come to the Meeting With Me?

Both spouses are not required to attend a meeting with an estate planning attorney together. However, it can be very helpful. In most situations, spouses have the same desires about their estate and how they want to leave it behind to loved ones when their life is over. There can also be other situations in which spouses have separate goals from one another. It is important that these are addressed so their desires can be put into the plan, which is why each spouse should represent themselves at the meeting. 

What Should I Bring to the Consultation?

It is important to be prepared for a meeting with an estate planning attorney. This does not necessarily mean paperwork, as the attorney will guide you through the process. Instead, it is important to be mentally prepared for certain matters that must be handled. To do so, consider the answers to the following:

  • Who you would like to inherit your assets and belongings
  • If you have any children that are minors, who you would like to raise them, etc.
  • The different kinds of property you own
  • Who you want to be in charge of carrying out your wishes

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