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Through the process of divorce mediation, spouses meet with a third party to discuss marital issues. During these sessions, they may have their attorneys present. The third party does not decide on the issues as a judge would in court. Instead, the third party acts as a mediator to guide the conversation to an outcome. They serve as a neutral party to keep the conversation productive toward reaching an end result, which is to decide on marital issues. These issues can include child support, child custody, alimony and the division of assets. With this process, it is vital to have the cooperation of both spouses to ensure a successful outcome.

How can this benefit me?

Divorce mediation has many benefits in comparison to litigation. Since litigation is done in a courtroom, it can prove to be invasive in private matters. Mediation can give you more privacy to sort through your marital differences. It also provides an outlet for a productive conversation. For this situation, it can prove to be beneficial to maintain a healthy relationship with your former spouse. If children are involved in the case, mediation can be a beginning way to get along with your spouse in an attempt to alleviate issues with child custody arrangements.

Mediation can also be less timely and costly. Since it is done at the pace of the couple, they can take as long as they’d like. Court proceedings can often be time-consuming. Due to this, people face increased attorney fees over time. With mediation, this can prove to be a better way to save money.

When divorce cases enter into litigation, a judge has the authority to make decisions for the couple. They get to decide on alimony, child custody and more. With this in mind, it could prove to be more beneficial for couples to use mediation as a way of staying in control. They will not be putting all their control in the hands of the court. Instead, they will be able to decide on marital issues with one another that can give them a more satisfactory outcome.

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