What makes a will valid?

What makes a will valid?

Planning one’s estate is a very important yet complex process. While many people find estate planning to be emotional, it is truly the only way to take control over an uncertain future. Though creating a will is only one part of a comprehensive estate plan, it is one of the most important things that can be done. Executing a will allows the individual to ensure that all of the assets in their estate are handled according to their wishes upon their passing. The individual will be able to name beneficiaries and determine when, what, and how they will receive their inheritances. The individual should also choose a trusted individual to administer the estate. This person is known as the executor of the will.

Of course, it is important to make sure the will that is created is valid in the eyes of New York State. Some of the requirements to ensure the validity of a will include the following:

  • The signing of the will must be witnessed by at least two individuals
  • The testator has to declare that they fully understand the nature of the will and that they are in the right mind to be executing it at this point
  • The will must be in writing

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