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Creating a comprehensive estate plan is very important to ensure control over an uncertain future. Of course, when drafting a will, it is written based on the individual’s current circumstances, relationship, and estate. With that said, life changes and it is impossible to predict the future of relationships or the estate. It is essential to keep one’s will updated because it is truly a work in progress as life evolves.

Relationships in one’s family change as the years go by in both positive and negative ways. Perhaps at the time in which an individual initially drafts their will, they were not married, had no children, and decided to leave everything to a close friend. However, maybe years later, the individual does get married, has children, and is no longer quite as close with that friend. The individual may want to make changes to their will to reflect their current relationships. The same goes if a person gets divorced and no longer wants their former spouse in their will.

Another situation where a will should be updated is if, at the time a will is drafted, the individual may have modest assets but over time, they may accrue more assets that should be included in the will. Generally, it is a good idea to revisit one’s will every time there is a new asset, new relationship, and upon the death of someone named in the will.

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