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When a loved one is unable to manage their own affairs, it is important that they have someone that can guide them through the difficult matters of life. In a lot of situations, loved ones who are aging or have disabilities often benefit from having a guardianship arrangement, which appoints a trusted individual to take care of the affairs of the person who cannot. There are several different types of guardianships that are available to individuals in New York. Of course, it is best to meet with an experienced attorney that can help determine which type of guardianship is most suitable for one’s situation.

The different types of guardianships are as follows:

  • Guardianships of the person: the guardian has the authority to make personal and medical decisions on behalf of the individual
  • A guardianship of the property allows the guardian to make financial decisions on behalf of another
  • A guardianship of the person and property allows the guardian to make decisions for both of these matters
  • A guardian ad litem is granted by a court in an effort to help a person who cannot defend themselves

Guardians often have the power to make decisions regarding one’s finances, medical choices, living arrangements, and more. They are also responsible for protecting the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of the individual.

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