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Your divorce was likely a great emotional and financial toll on you, let alone an extensive process. This is why it is understandable if you want to put the whole experience behind you as immediately as possible and finally move on with your life. But this does not mean that you should throw out all the paperwork you racked up throughout your divorce proceedings. Continue reading to learn what documents are important to keep after your divorce and how an experienced Manhattan divorce attorney at Zimmet Law Group, P.C. can best advise you.

What are important documents to keep after my divorce?

Understandably so, you may not want to keep anything that reminds you of your former spouse. But it is in your best interest to have certain documents in safekeeping, even if they are out of your direct sight. For example, you may store them in a safe deposit box in your home or at your bank, or even transfer them to a hard drive.

With that being said, below are just a few examples of important documents to keep after your divorce:

  • Your marriage license and certificate.
  • Your divorce decree.
  • Your settlement agreement from your divorce.
  • Copies of your alimony checks (whether you receive them or pay them).
  • Copies of your child support checks (whether you receive them or pay them).
  • All your financial statements.

Why should I save these documents?

You may assume that your disputes with your former spouse have been put to an end with the finalization of your divorce. However, down the line, you may find yourself arguing with your former spouse about the terms and conditions of your divorce. Or worse, you may find yourself in a New York family court once again for a post-judgment modification.

For example, you want to keep your settlement agreement if your former spouse is complaining that they do not have full access to their child custody rights.

In addition, you want to keep your alimony checks and child support checks if your former spouse is arguing that you are not keeping up with payments. Contrastingly, these checks are necessary if you wish to bring up that you are missing some payments that are owed to you.

What’s more, you want to keep your personal financial statements from after your divorce if you wish to argue that there was a change in your cost of living, employment status, disability, etc. that requires you to receive more support or pay less support.

Importantly, this is just one example of the many reasons why you should save your divorce documents. So, a skilled New York City divorce attorney at Zimmet Law Group, P.C. is here whenever you are ready to receive sound legal advice. Simply contact our firm at your earliest possible convenience.